? Walks in the Aveyron
Walks in the Aveyron
Looking down on the Aveyron valley from the North
Goats enjoying the pastures above St Antonin
A pathway through the woods
Gateway on the outskirts of St Antonin
Ruins in the forest beside the pathway
A rustic old barn near the village of Servanac, north of St  Antonin
Ruins of an old farm, north of St Antonin
A deserted old barn, north of St Antonin
Ruined chapel in the hills behind St Antonin
The gorges of the Aveyron
The gorges of the Aveyron
Dolmen on the causse above St Antonin
Poppies beside the pathway near Cahuzac
A huge old stone barn near Cahuzac
The place called Comberouzal, near Cahuzac
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