? The Cities of Andalusia
The Cities of Andalusia
Cordoba, Seville and Granada
Interior of Cordoba's Mesquita
Exterior of Cordoba's Mesquita
The old bridge in Cordoba
In the old quarter of Cordoba
Narrow passage in Cordoba's old quarter
Cordoba. A colourful patio attracts a crowd of visitors
Archways in the ruined city of Medina Azahara, near Cordoba
At Medina Azahara, near Cordoba
Seville - the original courtyard of the Mosque, planted with orange trees,  is now adjacent to the cathedral
Colourful church towers seen from our hotel window in Seville
Decoration in Seville's Alcazar
Tiled archways and decoration in Seville's Alcazar
A stairway of azulejos in Seville's Alcazar
Decoration in the gardens of Seville's Alcazar
Passageway in Seville's Barrio de Santa Cruz
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